Teachers & Discipline

I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this post but I’m livid.  ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY POSITIVELY LIVID.  In today’s society teachers, not all but some, do not instill the fear of getting in trouble to our children today. There are no good consequences for our children’s actions, such as not doing their work or misbehaving in class.

Let me paint a picture.   How would you feel if your child was left to just sleep the day away in the floor and a closet, instead of making them do the work required of them.   Is this right?  No! A teacher should make work fun so that the child wants to do it.  When a child learns he or she can get away without doing the work they will keep up with bad behavior, instead of doing what they need to to learn.  Teachers and students need to be held accountable. 

 On another point if the child was doing well at another school and getting their work completed, why can they not get their 504 or IEP met in the same way instead of taking the child backwards. The new school stated, “Well just because they earned out at the other school doesn’t mean they get it here.  We have to reevaluate have here  and the child has to earn out again.” WTH??? REALLY???  Just ridiculous.  When the parents have gone to the teachers and principals and the school is still not doing what is in the best interest of the child there is something wrong.  How would you feel if your child was getting pulled backwards and getting left behind?

Teachers need to be held accountable.  If a child is not learning to read because its easier for a teacher to just not deal with the child and put them in a closet (aka. The child’s personal office) when throwing a tantrum or letting the child sleep all day there is something definitely wrong.  Teachers need to be taught to how to handle difficult children, especially when the child is more than capable of doing the work. Rewards work for kids if you study the child and figure out what works for them.  Don’t just SHUT them in the closet, HELP THE CHILD!  What happened to talking to the child to figure out what is wrong?

Please chime in uour thoughts.  I’d love to know what you think!

Ok enough for now.  I needed a rant.



This is a story a friend of mine told me.  You can believe it or not but it gives me chills, but good chills.  The following is the story from my friends eyes. 

“I always heard my mom telling this story and then years later I found out something unique about the story that I’d never heard.  The story goes as follows.  This happened after my dad passed away and my mom finally went on her first date. Her date had brought her home and walked her to the door. He attempted to kiss her, but all of a sudden she quietly heard a stern voice call her name, she pulled away.  He attempted a 2nd time and she heard her name even louder, she pulled away again.  Then the 3rd time he attempted she heard the voice even louder and they parted ways. My mom believed it was my father’s ghost trying to protect her.

Years later I was recalling the story with my brother and he brought it to my attention that he had been standing in the window by the front door that day.  

I ran in to get my mom and made her come outside to hear the story from my brothers point of view. MY mother was shocked because my brother was only 10 and my mom always said it was a grown man’s voice warning her.  We all like to believe it was my father’s ghost looking out for her and for us.”

It is crazy that today’s word was GHOST since my friend just told me this story for the first time today.  Hope you enjoy.  



​People may think the situation my husband and I live in is complicated.  Think that if you wish but for our children’s sake it is the best.   

Recently we have moved to live on his parents land.  We moved from a gorgeous and huge 4000 sq ft house in the city to the country where life is simpler. His ex-wife, R.A., whom he has 3 children with is also living out here.  We have separate living spaces but we all live on the same property.  My hubby and I have a travel trailer and she is living in the mobile home.  The boys now live with her instead of us. We even eat dinner together most nights.

Strangely enough we all have a good enough relationship to do this for our kids.  My kids will even get to see me more.  Which makes my heart happy.

Wait? WHOA? WHAT?  You are probably saying.  YES, I have kids too, not just my 3 bonus kids.  I have my 3 kids who live with their father currently. My husband and I moving to the country and “keeping it simple stupid” will let me be able to see my kids more often, they live 3 hours away. Wow that’s a lot of 3’s in one paragraph.

Talk about my life being complicated but it is so worth it to see smiles on those kids faces to have their moms around more.  I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

So that is what complicated means to me. 


Be Careful What You Say and Be Thankful

Be careful what you say, someone may just take you up on your offer.

The story behind my saying this is about my grandma and the accountant who handled my grandparents assets last year when my grandpa passed away.

My grandma, at the ripe age of 89, was at home by herself and decided she needed to wash the strap on her Life Alert necklace.  She took the strap off and proceeded to wash it.  She called my mom telling her she couldn’t get it back together. At first my mom thought she washed the actual button part.  My mother lives 3 hours away and told grandma she would let her sister JP know to go by and check on her to assist in putting it back together.  Well,  JP did not get by there fast enough and my Grandma went to ask the accountant to help her. Luckily he was not there but his office staff was. 

When my mom and JP asked her, “Why would you even go to the accountant,” my grandma’s response was, “Well, he told me if I ever needed anything to come by.”  My grandma took him literally and poor JP didn’t get there fast enough to help her.

Funny story but embarrassing for my mom and my aunt.  I do not think they should have been embarrassed.  I think my grandma is old and things happen to the brain when you get older.  I know that quite a bit of people in the town know my grandma and because she has been there 50+ years.  It is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by, she needed help so she asked for it. It is not a crime to ask for help if you need it.  I think a very good lesson can be learned from this.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, be thankful.

 My mom and JP are now ordering her some new cords for her Life Alert “necklace,” so my grandma doesn’t try to wash them again.  In the end I know my grandma meant well but her mind is going a little bit and now my mom and aunt hopefully have help stopped the situation from happening again.

So as I said in the title of my blog don’t say something you don’t really mean someone might take you quite literally and take you up on your offer.  And for the 2nd lesson of the day don’t get embarrassed if a loved one asks for help especially if they are elderly.  Is it really worth getting upset or embarrassed over. NO much worse things could happen. Just be thankful that person is still in your life to give you that problem to solve. 

Reach for the Stars!

“Reach” was Saturday’s writing prompt over at “The Daily Post.”  It inspires me to talk about reaching for the stars or goals, so to speak.  To me that means never give up on what you want to do in life, whether that is having kids, getting married, getting your dream job, or even going on that dream trip and more.   You have to reach out, grasp life by the horns and take control.  I believe this writing prompt was just for me on this day to help remind me I need to set my feet firmly on the ground and decide to take control of my life.  I recently lost my boring and stressful day job.  I have tried to reach for my goals but have always done it half-ass, ‘scuse my French.  I have a houseful of kids and a loving husband that depend on me so now is the time to take control.

Seeing the word reach reminded me of reaching for my goals.  I have always wanted to be a published photographer and writer.  I am a writer and photographer and I love it.  Yeah, my writing style on my blog is not “formal” by any means but it is me.  Writing inspires me, de-stresses me, helps me get my feelings out when I have no one to talk to and more.  My photography helps me help others to capture special moments and memories in their lives.  It is my other creative outlet to help me relax.  I love capturing that special moment in someones life and also moments that my family wants to remember.   From this day forward.  I am going to reach for the stars to try and accomplish the goals I’ve wanted in my life.



So, I’m going to start publishing my writing on this little blog.  Maybe someone will see it and enjoy it.  I love to write and love photography.  One day I will publish a book.  Hope you enjoy my blog.  If you like my writing leave me a comment.  Just remember keep it clean and NO SPAM.