Reach for the Stars!

“Reach” was Saturday’s writing prompt over at “The Daily Post.”  It inspires me to talk about reaching for the stars or goals, so to speak.  To me that means never give up on what you want to do in life, whether that is having kids, getting married, getting your dream job, or even going on that dream trip and more.   You have to reach out, grasp life by the horns and take control.  I believe this writing prompt was just for me on this day to help remind me I need to set my feet firmly on the ground and decide to take control of my life.  I recently lost my boring and stressful day job.  I have tried to reach for my goals but have always done it half-ass, ‘scuse my French.  I have a houseful of kids and a loving husband that depend on me so now is the time to take control.

Seeing the word reach reminded me of reaching for my goals.  I have always wanted to be a published photographer and writer.  I am a writer and photographer and I love it.  Yeah, my writing style on my blog is not “formal” by any means but it is me.  Writing inspires me, de-stresses me, helps me get my feelings out when I have no one to talk to and more.  My photography helps me help others to capture special moments and memories in their lives.  It is my other creative outlet to help me relax.  I love capturing that special moment in someones life and also moments that my family wants to remember.   From this day forward.  I am going to reach for the stars to try and accomplish the goals I’ve wanted in my life.


4 thoughts on “Reach for the Stars!

  1. I think sometimes it’s easy to forget about your creative goals because of what others may say. Like, you know, the usual: “You’ll never make a career out of it” or “It’s not a real job”, blah, blah… At least that’s what I’ve heard. Then we end up with boring and stressful jobs that give us no satisfaction at all (not that I know anything about it, I’m still in university). I love what you’ve written about grasping life by the horns and taking control. I’ll try to remember that. Good luck with your writing and photography, I hope you reach all of your goals!


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