Be Careful What You Say and Be Thankful

Be careful what you say, someone may just take you up on your offer.

The story behind my saying this is about my grandma and the accountant who handled my grandparents assets last year when my grandpa passed away.

My grandma, at the ripe age of 89, was at home by herself and decided she needed to wash the strap on her Life Alert necklace.  She took the strap off and proceeded to wash it.  She called my mom telling her she couldn’t get it back together. At first my mom thought she washed the actual button part.  My mother lives 3 hours away and told grandma she would let her sister JP know to go by and check on her to assist in putting it back together.  Well,  JP did not get by there fast enough and my Grandma went to ask the accountant to help her. Luckily he was not there but his office staff was. 

When my mom and JP asked her, “Why would you even go to the accountant,” my grandma’s response was, “Well, he told me if I ever needed anything to come by.”  My grandma took him literally and poor JP didn’t get there fast enough to help her.

Funny story but embarrassing for my mom and my aunt.  I do not think they should have been embarrassed.  I think my grandma is old and things happen to the brain when you get older.  I know that quite a bit of people in the town know my grandma and because she has been there 50+ years.  It is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by, she needed help so she asked for it. It is not a crime to ask for help if you need it.  I think a very good lesson can be learned from this.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, be thankful.

 My mom and JP are now ordering her some new cords for her Life Alert “necklace,” so my grandma doesn’t try to wash them again.  In the end I know my grandma meant well but her mind is going a little bit and now my mom and aunt hopefully have help stopped the situation from happening again.

So as I said in the title of my blog don’t say something you don’t really mean someone might take you quite literally and take you up on your offer.  And for the 2nd lesson of the day don’t get embarrassed if a loved one asks for help especially if they are elderly.  Is it really worth getting upset or embarrassed over. NO much worse things could happen. Just be thankful that person is still in your life to give you that problem to solve. 


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