​People may think the situation my husband and I live in is complicated.  Think that if you wish but for our children’s sake it is the best.   

Recently we have moved to live on his parents land.  We moved from a gorgeous and huge 4000 sq ft house in the city to the country where life is simpler. His ex-wife, R.A., whom he has 3 children with is also living out here.  We have separate living spaces but we all live on the same property.  My hubby and I have a travel trailer and she is living in the mobile home.  The boys now live with her instead of us. We even eat dinner together most nights.

Strangely enough we all have a good enough relationship to do this for our kids.  My kids will even get to see me more.  Which makes my heart happy.

Wait? WHOA? WHAT?  You are probably saying.  YES, I have kids too, not just my 3 bonus kids.  I have my 3 kids who live with their father currently. My husband and I moving to the country and “keeping it simple stupid” will let me be able to see my kids more often, they live 3 hours away. Wow that’s a lot of 3’s in one paragraph.

Talk about my life being complicated but it is so worth it to see smiles on those kids faces to have their moms around more.  I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

So that is what complicated means to me. 




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