This is a story a friend of mine told me.  You can believe it or not but it gives me chills, but good chills.  The following is the story from my friends eyes. 

“I always heard my mom telling this story and then years later I found out something unique about the story that I’d never heard.  The story goes as follows.  This happened after my dad passed away and my mom finally went on her first date. Her date had brought her home and walked her to the door. He attempted to kiss her, but all of a sudden she quietly heard a stern voice call her name, she pulled away.  He attempted a 2nd time and she heard her name even louder, she pulled away again.  Then the 3rd time he attempted she heard the voice even louder and they parted ways. My mom believed it was my father’s ghost trying to protect her.

Years later I was recalling the story with my brother and he brought it to my attention that he had been standing in the window by the front door that day.  

I ran in to get my mom and made her come outside to hear the story from my brothers point of view. MY mother was shocked because my brother was only 10 and my mom always said it was a grown man’s voice warning her.  We all like to believe it was my father’s ghost looking out for her and for us.”

It is crazy that today’s word was GHOST since my friend just told me this story for the first time today.  Hope you enjoy.


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