Teachers & Discipline

I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this post but I’m livid.  ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY POSITIVELY LIVID.  In today’s society teachers, not all but some, do not instill the fear of getting in trouble to our children today. There are no good consequences for our children’s actions, such as not doing their work or misbehaving in class.

Let me paint a picture.   How would you feel if your child was left to just sleep the day away in the floor and a closet, instead of making them do the work required of them.   Is this right?  No! A teacher should make work fun so that the child wants to do it.  When a child learns he or she can get away without doing the work they will keep up with bad behavior, instead of doing what they need to to learn.  Teachers and students need to be held accountable. 

 On another point if the child was doing well at another school and getting their work completed, why can they not get their 504 or IEP met in the same way instead of taking the child backwards. The new school stated, “Well just because they earned out at the other school doesn’t mean they get it here.  We have to reevaluate have here  and the child has to earn out again.” WTH??? REALLY???  Just ridiculous.  When the parents have gone to the teachers and principals and the school is still not doing what is in the best interest of the child there is something wrong.  How would you feel if your child was getting pulled backwards and getting left behind?

Teachers need to be held accountable.  If a child is not learning to read because its easier for a teacher to just not deal with the child and put them in a closet (aka. The child’s personal office) when throwing a tantrum or letting the child sleep all day there is something definitely wrong.  Teachers need to be taught to how to handle difficult children, especially when the child is more than capable of doing the work. Rewards work for kids if you study the child and figure out what works for them.  Don’t just SHUT them in the closet, HELP THE CHILD!  What happened to talking to the child to figure out what is wrong?

Please chime in uour thoughts.  I’d love to know what you think!

Ok enough for now.  I needed a rant.